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I have the govee custom integration and it found my h6104 set but continues to say unavailable and will not allow me to change state. I recall from a previous post that someone said the h6104 won’t give a response back on the state; it appears that I can not send even the on command. So, am I correct in assuming that I will not be able remotely turn my Govee set on remotely?

I just released a version with on/off, color, color temp and brightness, and some readonly attributes for api rate limits.

You may use the same procedure as last time. I prepared a zip containing just the govee folder to be put into custom_components, here:

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Hi, I have no h6104, but the previous version had no idea of an “unavailable” state. So I assume the custom integration crashed somehow.

Could you try the new zip, and if it still fails: watch for logs?

Just did, and same result status indicates unavailable. I don’t think it is the integration crashing; I don’t think Home Assistant can get the status of the state. I think it was this discussion but it could have been another where someone stated that Govee API did not return the status of the state.

Ok, it was this discussion. It looks like that Govee removed support for the h6104 to get state status. It appears if I might be able to send an on or off command but not thru the integration and just not get any status of the state.

Could you use Postman (or curl, whatever) to try the requests manually?

40:83:00:00:00:00:00:00 with your device id, and
YOUR_API_KEY with your api key
H6163: your model

You need a Header (name: value) for every request:

for device list do a GET request on

for device state do a GET request on

to turn on do a PUT request on
in the Body you need to post this json payload:

    "device": "40:83:00:00:00:00:00:00",
    "model": "H6163",
    "cmd": {
        "name": "turn",
        "value": "on"

Maybe we should keep this thread clean, so feel free to file an issue on my fork of home assistant core here You might want to post the results you get from these requests. Take care not to post secrets as your API key.

AMAZING work! Everything is working perfectly for me!

Really minor one, caught this in the log if it helps:

020-09-19 22:46:45 WARNING (MainThread) [custom_components.govee.light] async_turn_on failed with 'set_brightness100: invalid value 255, allowed range 0 .. 254' for 0D:D7:A4:C1:xx:xx:xx:xx, kwargs: {'brightness': 255}

your rate limit reset seconds are negative … this should always be between 0 and 60, maybe a timezone issue. I’ll look into these two issues today.

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Wow, govee reports brightness values from 0 to 254,
for setting we need to use 0 to 100.
Home Assistant uses 1 to 255 :laughing:
– I needed to write that down –
I’ll bring all on 1 to 255 for home assistant.

And yes, there is a timezone issue in my code on rate limiting.
Would you mind trying the new file?

still on my TODO:

  • Tests ans pull request to upstream/dev
  • somehow the controls jump to the old state after switching - I think the api is reporting the old values once more. Maybe someone has insights here?
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@LaggAt I installed the latest version, not seeing that message in the log anymore about the invalid brightness and rate limit seconds are now positive:

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I did a separate thread for this integration, so that all people could see it.
It’s here: Govee LED strips integration

@GlennHA it would be really great if you could help with supporting your device, I think we could do something here if we know the responses. Feel free to contact me.

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posted reply in the new thread

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Did Govee send you a cease and desist or something? I have a couple H6001s which I don’t see how they could be controlled through an internet API since they’re bluetooth. They don’t even seem to have very good range to be used with a hub. I’m hoping I can get your Bluetooth code so I can use the Pi I have in the same room as the lights to turn them into MQTT commands.

He moved it to new thread. But bluetooth is not being actively pursued unless someone steps up. See the thread.

I’ve just bought this

Great job, thanks, works well. Be sure to kill and restart the HA app on IOS after restarting home assistant or it won’t find the new integration.

I am looking at govee color bulbs, H6014, there is only one vauge reference in this thread, they are on sale at Amazon, had anyone been able to use these?


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All what we know is noted in the first post.

I bought the bulbs and was able to connect them via Tuya, they worked out of the box. They also sent me a nice 16’ RBG LED strip as a thank you for reviewing the product and that also worked no problem via Tuya. You do need to setup a customize entry in customize.yaml:

  supported_features: 191

but otherwise, for $25 for a 4 pack of RGB LED bulbs you can’t go wrong. I now have a fun color loop running on my 4 dock lights that randomly change patterns and colors.

Yea I would also love to see that node red flow @Vexlar if you are willing to share. Looks awesome!