Grohe Sense (Ondus)

Hi @Valentes80,
Did you manage to get it working?

Wow, this looks promising! I am also not a programmer but do have a working HAS and a Grohe water flow control. I will give your guidance a go at the end of this week. Many thanks!

I have the consumption and cost sensors that give me the following error:
22/12/2023, 18:25:43node: Guard Costo Acquamsg : error

“InvalidPropertyValueError: Invalid state”

I believe I had something similar where I also received a warning in the energy tab in HA when I tried to add the water consumption sensor.

Perhaps you have already tried it but by changing the state class from “measurement” to "total increasing" I got everything to work

As a sidenote I first followed the excellent guidance from jojo76760, 4fFire4 and Daniel76:

Did you read the post of @4Fire4 above from March, 26.
I just followed these steps which are well detailled in order to install node red custom component and node red companion addon in HAOS.
Then I imported the flow @Daniel76 posts above (on November, 16 of 2022).

Must install stoptime to:
Meny button Right over corner 3 lines symbol, - Mange pallette - Install - Search for “stoptime” node-red-contrib-stoptimer install.

Have someone get the:
Paus button
Wifi signal strange
Settings for how many L you can take untill the grohe close.
My 7 / 30 days counter goes from showing correct to just “payload” dont now why.