Group-Notification to only certain members - based on status

Hi all,
I’m looking for a way, to send a notification to group of users based on their status in that group.
E.g. I have a group “family” where the status is either home or not_home - depended on whether at least one member of the group is home or not.
Now i want to send a notification to only those members of that group, who are at home at the time being.
How could i achieve that?

Thank you all very much!


Have a look at this thread. It explains how to select automatically based on attributes.

Thanks for your reply, first of all :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I do not know exactly how i could utilize those attributes for my plan.

Maybe I should give some more insights into my setup…

I have one notifier-group:

  - name: familie
    platform: group
      - service: mobile_app_iphone_von_philipp
      - service: mobile_app_carlas_iphone

And one Group to check whether one of the members is at home or not:

  name: Familie
    - person.philipp
    - person.carla

Now I only want to send a notification only to members of ‘Familie’ who are e.g. at home.
Thanks for your further help.

Hi Philip,
I am not at all an expert, but i would think that you would need to play around with the condition and the trigger. I think this example is a good start as it selects those that are at home as you want:

So basically you keep your trigger and then the notify service goes to those that fit the template, i.e. being at home.