GUI Dashboards questions

I just begun to switch from yaml to storage method of creating dashboards. My main problem is to know the path to connect a dashboard to another and come back.
I can switch from a view to another in the same dashboard, but cannot link a dashboard to another using the path i get in the sidebar.

It’s ages since I had navigation buttons but I don’t remember this being an issue.

e.g. with a dashboard called “mobile-view” and a view called “lights”.

  action: navigate
  navigation_path: /mobile-view/lights

Going back can be an issue, unless you only have one level of navigation. e.g. navigating somewhere only allows navigating back to the main view, not to other views or dashboards.

Though it can be done if you are using the custom-button-card: Why isn't there a back navigation for dashboards? - #19 by addms

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