HA Alarm System - Siren running WiFi?


I was wonderring if anyone have found an Siren that runs on Wireless?
Currently I’m using the Xiaomi Gateway, which of course isn’t enough and I would also like to have one outside my house.


You could use an off the shelf dumb siren and an ESP module running ESPhome to trigger it.

it’s not WiFi but I use the same as in this post:

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i took a smart life wifi siren and did a tuya convert on it, i now have tasmota on it only to facilitate putting another firmware on such as esphome.

if i can fine schematics then i might make progress

any help is greatly appreciated

@magiva You say you got tasmota installed on your “smart life / tuya” siren. I opened mine and checked that it still got the ESP8266 in it and got all the RX/TX/GND/3.3V pins as well.
I now can install Tasmota on it (I guess), but how can it be used afterwards? I didn’t find any note that Tasmota supports SIRENS in any way.
I want to be able to play different sound files by calling a service, or sending an mqtt message. Is this possible?? Thanks

well, putting tasmota on was just a first test, now i know it takes it, i know it would take a binary from arduino sketch or esphome etc.
Id need to figure out how its playing audio and find an audioo library for it etc, figure out which pins are being used etc.
Ive not opened it yet, just know that it is an esp826x type that will take the code.
please let me know how you get on with yours

I opened it what is easy, and there are all pins accessible, but as the device is now it’s unuseable for me. I didn’t even find out if there is some api to access it via WEB interface to make it sound. Anyone else got more info?

the key will be finding out what dac it is using and maybe finding a library you can use with espeasy etc

See this:

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Use Tuya Converter. It’s much easier.

That only works as long as you got Tuya installed still. After you flashed it with another software it won’t connect.

this worked a treat, device now working, many thanks

update: beeped once, never made a sound after that

Please try one again.
I am sure it will work perfectly.

What is the expected functionality? Being able to trigger the alarm? I wanna know if I can jump in and buy this product.

From my perspective it was of course to get a smoke alarm that was able to connect to home assistant. So I could get a push message if Triggered.

Secondly I thought it would be nice to use the sirene part as a part of my alarm system.

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I bought a Tuya PE-520R siren and followed the topic.
After flashing with Tasmota and entering the following parameters :
Template : {“NAME”:“Tuya Siren”,“GPIO”:[255,107,255,108,255,255,0,0,255,255,255,255,255],“FLAG”:0,“BASE”:54}
rule1 on system#boot backlog tuyasend4 102,0; tuyasend2 103,300; TuyaSend1 117,0 endon
rule1 1
tuyamcu 11,104

But without success. I can’t seem to trigger it!
Have you ever tried this siren ?