HA Devices appear in Alexa Devices but not in Routines

Hi there.

I’ve got the Alexa integration working following all the instructions on here:

My devices appear in Alexa and I can use Alexa to turn on kitchen lights etc. I can also see my motion sensors and door contacts as devices in Alexa, and Alexa reports if they are open/off/etc.

However what I am pulling my hair out over is that none of my HA devices appear as selectable triggers when creating Alexa routines. I’m wanting to do something simple like Alexa alert me when the front door opens, but all I can see as triggers in routines under Smart Home are my cameras from my other non-HA apps like Arlo. No HA devices appear as routine triggers.

I’m using both Android app and iPad app. HA version is 0.116.4.

Has anyone else come across this problem and were you able to fix it?

Edit: helps if i read the post correctlty. Im using Nabu Casa and it reports my Xioami Motion sensor and door sensors correctly to Alexa routines and I can trigger on them .

My fudge with the Dummy bulb will only work when triggered by Alexa routines not responded too them , sorry :slight_smile:

try this

This uses a dummy bulb as link between Alexa Routines and HA

Hope this helps