HA running in a PLC

Hello everybody, I’ve got a PLC with a quad-core 600Mhz ARM A53 CPU with 512MB RAM
and 16GB eMMC memory storage. It has running Debian 10.
I should set it to boot from USB port (in which will be and SSD with the HA image). Kindly, somebody could indicate me which image should I choose? any lead about the sequence of commands to make the PLC boots from SSD connected to USB port?
Thank you in advance

Seems like a good option would be to just upgrade to Debian 12 and followed by an a supervised HA install. The OS update is well documented (you can cut and paste commands from documentation) and the Supervisor HA is install again just a matter of cutting and pastting a handfull of commands. You could probably do the whole upgrade in a couple of hours. I assume you know how to access the ‘console’ and/or SSH terminal.

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I don’t think it will run well (or at all ) in 512mb ram.

Sounds like half a Raspberry Pi 3. :first_quarter_moon:

Long story short: Forget it. And I used to run HA on a device with only 512MB back in the days… :point_down:

Please kindly accept that their is no HaOS image available for your device :man_shrugging:

If you are still not convinced and want to give HA a try on your thingy you want/need to install Home Assistant Core like explained in the docs :point_down:

Thank you very much for all your comments. I guess I’m going to give up with HA installation and will use node-red which is already embedded in the PLC. I didn’t do it before as I need to learn from scratch Node-Red

Or get a computer?

:shushing_face: Whispers going around that the widely adopted and cheap single board computers are becoming better available again. I expect a plain Raspberry with 1GB of RAM (better go directly with 2GB for a future proof HA Install) for the original price ($35) being much cheaper than this very low performance PLC device @sunsetitaly calls his own. Beside a HaOS image is available for the Raspberry Pi’s which will make it a easy ride :horse_racing:

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