HA SwitchPlate - DIY LCD Touchscreen wall switch replacement


I’m here again, but this time more for a request for help. I’ve implemented the panel dimmer, page 4, and everything works, only if I move the light slider to 0 it appears on and with brightness set to 0 in HA, would it be possible to turne it off? if so how could it be done?


Ther is a modification that require to update [platform: time] with [platform: time_pattern] for HA 0.86 update in “hasp_plate01_p2_clock.yaml”.
The same modification is required on “hasp_plate01_00_backlightbysun.yaml”.


Ughhh… thanks for pointing that out.

Breaking changes in core components is a nightmare and it’s driving me fricken crazy. I’m going to push a new version of the packages sometime soon here, but the problem with that is then YOU MUST be running on 0.86 or above.

I’ll post here in the thread when that happens.


Yes I know it is a problem for compatibility when there are these updates for those who have not updated and are not the latest version, but it seemed right to warn of changes in the latest version that may create problems for those who have already updated or intends to do so


can you fork the project or create releases stating “compatible up to v0.XX”? I personally am staying on 0.85.1 until I play around with lovelace more. Also, since 0.86 forces lovelace as default, maybe your next release could/should include some nice UI improvements?


You are not forced to use lovelace, you can use the old regulare interface on 0.86.1


I’m running through some changes and will be pushing up code here in a bit. I’ve renamed the existing package bundle to hasppackages-pre086.tar.gz and created a deployhasp-pre086.sh to go with it. I have some more automations to fix in addition to the PRs from @Superimo88 and some testing to complete.


Yes I am aware you can revert back. but for how long until they remove polymer? For anyone that doesn’t know how to or is just setting up, yes, by default you are forced to use lovelace.


OK, the default set of packages is now 0.86+ compatible. As noted above, the existing packages have been retained and renamed for those not ready to “upgrade” yet.


the file “hasp_plate01_p9_3dprint.yaml” must also be changed.

Thank you


Thanks man! I had updated it but never commited it to the repo. I appreciate the reminder :smiley:


hi luma here is a modified version of your uk faceplate that i changed, my cad isnt the best but its proven to work fine.

there are 2 versions one with holes for the 2mm inserts and one without as the tolerances are tight and the screen stays in when clipped in.



could you download them and upload them to your github for people to use

picture of the finished item


Did someone make one for the European socket box?


the hole spacing is 62mm on the uk plate, europe is 60mm with a little drilling you could make it fit :wink:


Hi, so first of all thanks a lot luma for this great project!
So I’m already following this project for a long time and at first went with an 2.8 inch Nextion (unfortunately not the NX but the cheaper clone TJC where I had to rebuild everything in the chinese editor) which also only lasted for about a year and then at some point refused to turn on.

Now, as I’m not really interested in integrating the LCD into the wall but rather have a bit bigger screen size, I went with a 4.3 inch Nextion and customized it a bit more. I guess I’ll be going for some 3D printed housing soon as well but rather on the wall and not integrated :wink:

Well so thanks a lot everyone helping with this project!



I will print one and see if it fits.
Thanks for the work


Has anyone done a HASP in a 2 or 3-gang configuration, instead of just single? Using the 4.3" Nextion could help facilitate this, if not…I am curious.


Would love to see more details on the tweaks you made to accommodate the larger display, that’d be nice for a desk or nightstand or something.


Good day. Where are the hasp automation installed, I only see them in the GUI? orHow can I uninstall all HASwitchPlate, because I have a damaged automation and HA reports an error in automation.yaml but when I deleted everything from automation.yaml, it is still a mistake, I think configuring hasp…


What version of Home Assistant are you running right now?