Hack: IKEA Trådfri Motion Sensor for presence control

same here. What could be done to fix this?

What coordinator are you using, and what firmware version is on it ?

I also am having issues with this. I bought the CC2531 as a “Sonoff stick” but not sure if I need to reflash it. It seems to work fine so far wtih my existing devices, but I cannot get the TRADFRI motion sensor to report anything but the battery level.

I tried resetting the device, tried pairing through a TRADFRI outlet instead of direct to coordinator, I even started a zigbee2mqtt setup from scratch and still, no data.

The motion sensor is on version 20190308, but I don’t know what firmware is my stick running. Do I need to reflash the CC2531 to make this work properly?

You need to reflash the stick with the latest firmware. If it is still on the firmware from Sonoff, that one is too old for the Tradfri devices to pair.

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I’m using the Tradfri with the DeCONZ Raspbee Gateway. For anyone trying to do this, there is no hacking required anymore =)

Could you please elaborate this?

I am using the motion sensor with the ConBee2-stick but can’t figure out how to make it more responsive.

Do you use the latest firmware? I am using the raspbee, maybe there is a difference, but after updating the fw it just works.