Hacking Amazon Echo Spot? Can it run HASS?

Hi guys,

The Echo spot seems like great little piece of hardware, where it not for the fact that Amazon’s lax security and privacy concerns. There is no way I’d put one of these in my house with their track record.

HOWEVER, if it could be hacked to run HASS, this thing would be amazing! I wouldn’t need to worry about who can see and hear me from it (as much).

I’ve spent about 15 mins trying to find anything about hacking it have so far come up empty. Does anyone have any advice or links on this?


Edit: relaxing my search terms returned some possible leads. Reading this currently. https://medium.com/@micaksica/exploring-the-amazon-echo-dot-part-1-intercepting-firmware-updates-c7e0f9408b59

I don’t believe hass runs on android.

Better to spend your hard earned $ on a raspberry pi.

Somebody tried once. I have no idea if it works though

I think with something that changes as often as HASS (weekly releases, still effectively in development, etc) you should stick as close as possible to the supported platforms.

Android is a pig anyway, and the dot is probably best left to it’s designed role.

Thanks for your replies peeps.

I like the idea of the Echo Spot and the form factor is great. I just don’t like the idea of a camera and microphone etc next to my bed running in a “black box” that Amazon controls (or loses control of on occasion) rather than myself. :blush:

I’ll let go of the idea for now.