Hama Smart Radiator Termostat

I cannot find any entities on my Hama Smart Radiator Thermostat!
No problem adding the device to zha. But no entities are visible in zha. According to Hama Smart Radiator Thermostat 00176592 Zigbee compatibility info, the thermostat should work with zha and support battery, thermostat and temperature. So I guess I should get three entities.
Also gets an error code in the log: WARNING (MainThread) [zigpy.zcl] [0xc3df: 1: 0xef00] Unknown cluster-specific command 1.
Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Did you get it to work?

Yes, I followed MattWestb comments:

Added the file thermostat_88teujp.py.
And added:

# Termostat quirk
  custom_quirks_path: /config/custom_zha_quirks/

in the configuration.yaml

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