HAOS upgrade checks

tl;dr: Is there a way to verify that an HAOS upgrade was completed successfully? Are there any logs anywhere or checksums that can be verified?


I recently bought a Home Assistant Blue which came with a pretty old version of HAOS. After some reading I found out that in order to upgrade to the latest version (7.1) I would first need to manually upgrade to 6.0, then 6.6, then 7.0.

I’ve done all this, but the 4 upgrades behaved very inconsistently. Now I’m showed that I’m running 7.1, but somehow I’m really doubting that everything went well.

Being a headless installation there was not much to look at, but just wait and ping the IP. Some upgrades took the device off the network pretty soon after “ha os update”, but never came back. In some cases I had to unplug power up to 4 times for it to finally come back. Some other upgrades left the device on the network for tens of minutes and never rebooted automatically. Even in those cases, the device did not come back “cleanly” and had to be unplugged repeatedly.

What is amazing is that after all this inconsistent behavior the device is still booting up and the OS version is being shown as 7.1. But you can imagine my reluctance that really everything went well…

So far, after 1 day, things seem to be working. But I wonder if some things are subtly broken and will surface later or in some edge cases. Is there any way to look at any upgrade logs or verify the checksum of files to ensure that the OS is 100% OK?

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Sure, look at the version number reported on the Configuration / Info page.

Are you seeing any errors in the system or supervisor logs?

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