Hardware for beginners


I know, there are several topics discussing hardware and recommendations, but I am not sure which hardware I should use for my first HA setup.

First of all, I only want to install only HA and use it for lights, temperature, humidity, notifications, weather, organizational stuff and so on.

In the future it’s possible that I use the machine as a media server (e.g. Kodi), too. But I mainly use Netflix / Waipu / Amazon for watching movies / TV series.

I think, a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ should fit my needs, but I a lot of people use a NUC (because of better performance / startup time).

What’s the best hardware solution for HA and my requirements?

There is a middle way. A tinkerboard if you dont want to invest in a nuc from stsrt

A tinkerboard seems to be a good solution - I will have a look :slight_smile:

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To have tried several solutions, I hightly recommand Asus Tinkerboard S (so with eMMC)

Some discussions about here : Asus Tinker Board Support for hass.io?
And my comments on global harware here : Best hardware combination for HA?

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Great, thank you.
I think, a NUC doesn’t fit. Tinkerbell seems to be a nice solution for my needs.

By the way: cool printed case (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2788899)!

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I just ordered my new tinker board! Thanks for the hint.

Do I need a fan? I am searching for a nice case (maybe with space for a ssd included?) with fan - any suggestions?

LOL… I thought I would have stopped there, too.

Since TB has the same form factor than a RPI, you could buy a Pi Desktop