So, in the process of adding all my harmony activities. I am currently using the switch.yaml and template platform to make them all. I tried creating a harmony.yaml file to keep them all separate, but I get an error saying there is not harmony platform when I add the harmony: !include harmony.yaml. Should it be switch: !include harmony.yaml? Can I have two switch platforms listed in the configuration.yaml file?

There is is no harmony component, so yes you will need to include your split out switch configuration under your switch component.

How you do that depends on your current configuration and your intended method of splitting it up.

Show us what you currently have.

I used this it works great

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Yeah, that worked like a charm. Just did the following…

switch: !include harmony.yaml

Thanks, I’ll have to take a look!

The problem with this approach is that you will have to add all your switches to this one file.

You need to look at splitting up the configs.

My recommendation is to create a switches folder/directory in your config directory.
Then set this in your configuration.yaml

switch: !include_dir_merge_list switches

Inside that switches directory, create a file called harmony.yaml

Inside that file, start it with

- platform: <nameofplatform>

This allows you to add more yaml files for other types of switches. :wink:

Oh, didn’t even know I could point to directories with multiple yaml files. That will come in handy to organize everything. Thanks for the help!