HASS and Enocean/Eltako

Is it possible to operate a Enocean Eltako FSR61-230V relay with HASS? I have a Enocean USB gateway stick connected to a Raspeberry Pi running HASS.

I have had no success with connecting the gateway nor a relay nor a Eltako ET55 switch to HASS.

I managed to get working some sensors from Feller and Omnio.

However, I haven’t had any success with the Eltako TF61D switch.

Hi danist,
could you meenwhile get Eltako switches to work in HASS?
I have tried several things to get the switches to work - unfortunately without success.
FSR14 oder FSSA (Plug).

Hi Stefan

Yes, I got it working, the TF61D as well as the Dali-Encoean Gateway FDG71L

See here for teaching in:

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