Hass.io Add-on: Dahua VTO to MQTT Broker

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Hass.io Add-on: Dahua VTO to MQTT Broker

Sends Dahua Intercom events to the MQTT Broker

Supports aarch64 Architecture Supports amd64 Architecture Supports armhf Architecture Supports armv7 Architecture Supports i386 Architecture


The installation of this add-on is straightforward and easy to do.

  1. Navigate in your Home Assistant frontend to Hass.io -> Add-on Store.
  2. Add a new repository by URL https://github.com/elad-bar/Hassio-addons
  3. Find the “DahuaVTO2MQTT” add-on and click it.
  4. Click on the “INSTALL” button.

How to use

To use this add-on, you need to supply the config for your intercom and MQTT Broker


Add-on configuration:

    "intercom": {
      "host": "",
      "username": "admin",
      "password": "admin"
    "mqtt": {
      "host": "core-mosquitto",
      "port": "1883",
      "username": "homeassistant",
      "password": "homeassistant"

Known issues and limitations

  • None. Let me know.


Using riogrande75’s PHP code that connects your intercom and publishes events via MQTT broker.
Thanks to troykelly’s, I created that Hass.io addon.


Got questions?

You have several options to get them answered:

In case you’ve found a bug, please open an issue on our GitHub.


Hello, I tried it but when I put the configuration lines in the Yaml, and check it there is error,
is theere nothing missing at firt line to tell for witch it is like

best regards

It works without YAML configuration, please add it through the integrations (Configuration -> Integrations)

I used this custom component, he work perfectly but when the bell rings "last Ring"marks two hours behind the current time.I checked all the time settings are correct. Also “last update” is correct.Do you have the solution to fix the problem?

Are the HA and VTO unit timezones and time synced?

yes they synchronized, “last update” shows the correct time.

I will check it during the weekend

I added this through Configuration -> Integrations but then get “This integration has no devices”
Anything else I should configure?

No, it creates 2 binary sensors, you can see them in developer -> states

Will add them as entities soon

ok thanks,could a sensor be triggered when the bell is pressed?

That’s how it supposed to work (for me it works at home)

Can you please provide me TZ / DST settings of your VTO unit / HA?


forgive me did not understand what you ask? were you talking to me?

ah ok ok do you want a timezone? ok ROME +1

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What kind of VTO does this work with?
I was looking into a 3211d and wondering if it would work for me using this integration.

@ghizmo82, I will try to reproduce it in my environment and will update

@danbutter, I have VTO1220BW

I will also add steps to check if your VTO unit support that integration during the weekend.

found the bug, I set the TZ to +2 with DST:
create_date_time = datetime.fromtimestamp(create_time - (3 * 60 * 60))

will fix it in few days, should be pretty simple

to check if your VTO unit supported by this component, please try to access the call log of the unit:
http://USERNAME:[email protected]/cgi-bin/recordFinder.cgi?action=find&name=VideoTalkLog

please post the result (private message),
If you got 404 page, it will not work

Updated the integration with the bug fix for the timezone, please let me know if it works for you


Added support for entities from integration section (Configuration -> Integrations)

ok i will try thanks