Hass.io no longer contactable after about 24 hours

So the past few days my Hass.io installation has become a bit flaky. Devices stop responding so I try to connect to the UI and it won’t respond. My only recourse is to reboot my Pi.

So today, I rebooted and checked at the console. My root file system is at 100%. I think I’m in the container and not in the root OS so I’m not sure if the 100% full file system is normal behavior but I know in general terms, a full root file system can cause flaky behavior.

Is this normal? How can I tell why my system is “hanging” after a while?

post the console output if you want help…

Log in to the host (not the container) and try this :

And how do I post the console output if I can’t log into the device because it’s hung? Not meaning to sound smart, just dont know how to do that in this case.

Post the console after you reboot showing the disk space… How old is the installation? What size SD card? Also check the Supervisor log and the HA log after you restart for clues.
I did find that this type of error was because of a failing SD card.
You could also try another power supply.

i think what might be confusing people is you said you rebooted which suggests you were able to get in. So when you say you rebooted, do you mean you were able to get in and do a reboot or did you mean you cut the power then turned it back on?

Also just speculating now but how long have you had the device and are you running off an sdcard? Like David suggested, SDCards have a limited lifespan when it comes to writes and HA is pretty rough on them if you let it record every bit of history for every entity. If you search the forums for ‘sdcard dead’ you’ll find a common trend of sdcards turned read-only or becoming corrupted after a while.

If you are using an sdcard and you are locked out your next best bet is probably to shut down the pi, take out the sdcard and go inspect it on another machine that can read linux partitions. From there you should be able to use available tools to see if its become read only or otherwise corrupted. If so then you’ll have to migrate to a new sdcard.

Or if that’s not it you should be at least able to see what is consuming the space on the drive. Logs are another good place to look, there are a number of reports of out of control logs then causing system lockup. If you can free up some of the space on another machine then you should be able to get back in and use some of other suggested debugging techniques to isolate and fix the root cause.

one thing I’m noticing is the root file system is full. Can I tell you I’m not a fan of this “image” install? I’d much prefer to just lay out the OS my way and install the software on top of that but apparently that’s not the preferred strategy anymore.

Anyway, what’s the best way to reduce root file system disk consumption on the hassio image based install?

turn off a shitload of entities in the recorder and set the retain time to 2 days… That will be a big help.
how big is your sd card?
you know 99% of this sd-card corruption is because of the power supply.
you also didn’t post any of the information or post any logs like I requested. Really hard to help you if you don’t post what is requested.