Hass.io on SYNOLOGY 1517+

Anyone got a hass.io image working under docker on SYNOLOGY 1517?
I can run the latest home assistant but enjoy the flexibility of hass,io

Look here:

I think I tried this one (which is what I am running currently): https://blog.stomsvik.com/posts/2019/install-hassio-synalogy-dsm-native-package

It mounts and calls docker to download the two hass.io supervisor and hass.io dns then it calls the qemux86-64-homeasssitant:0.98.1 or earlier when I first tried it… and creates container homeassistant.
I pointed it to Volume 1\hass.io - it creates a homeassistant and places all the config files (which should be in config) in the \hass.io\homeassistant folder…
When HA comes up…
I check under the development tools and it shows
Hass.io: false

How do I obtain your image?