Hass on old Wii

Hello everyone, after 3 corrupted cards on my rpi I decided I needed to move on to. Something else than mi rpi. Thought on buying new hardware and I remembered I had an old wii in a drawer… Also there’s a way to put Linux as an OS… Should I give it a try?? Or will I be wasting time?? :thinking:

I did not, but did you evaluate the possibility to use an external ssd disk to the raspberry pi and let it run from there?

I’m also looking to “solve” the SD card usage “issue”…

I did look at that option, but not sure if I can do it with hassio (I’m in love with the snapshot feature)

Not anything current.


Moving over to USB drive has been a god send.

Can you do with Hass. Os?

probably. It just moves the filesystem to a USB drive, be it a hard drive, flash drive or whatever.

Haha I love the thought of it though! But here’s a link I found for using a USB on your Rpi.

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Seems interesting!! I’d try it with and old hdd I have!