Hass.OS | Virtual Machine | Homematic integration | Docker | Port Forwarding?

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Homeassistant for quite some time now. I’m using a “do-it-yourself” version of Hass in python venv. I was, however, always reluctant to do any updates, so this production system is still on version 0.92.2.

Then I read this article on “Deprecating Home Assistant Supervised on generic Linux” Even though this has been put on hold the stated idea that

The benefit of running the Supervisor is that you are able to keep Home Assistant up to date from within Home Assistant, and easily install add-ons that are pre-configured to be able to integrate with Home Assistant.

was appealing to me.

So i downloaded the qcow2 image for my Proxmox host and installed it according to this howto

I’m a newbie to docker so I pocked around a little bit. I even installed the portainer add-on to have a “gui-way” to look a little bit behind the scenes.

To take an “easy step” to setup some sensors and actors I thought it would be a good idea to copy my homematic configuration for production to test. This was, when my “problems” started.

  1. the name resolution does not work. The dns servers are setup correctly, but the search domain is not respected. It is always set to “local.hass.io” and I have not yet found a way to permanently set it correctly. I can change the search value in /etc/resolv.conf but it gets overwritten on restart.

  2. The homematic integration does not work. Log says:

Failed to start server: 'HMConnection' object has no attribute '_server'

Google tells me I need to use the “callback_ip” and “callback_port” in the homematic config part. And I also need to enable the “port forward” because the response from my CCU3 (Raspymatic) will be send to the Docker host not the Homematic container.

But how would I do this? Google advises to use "docker run " and specify the port mapping there but I haven’t used “docker run” once with hassOS.

What am I missing? Right now this approach does not seem easier but overblown. (Ok, this is not at all objective: I’m comparing a system I know by heart to a system I just started poking around in).
But since everything so far seems to be made “appliance style” (turn on and don’t care that much about the details behind the scenes) I’m at a loss here and can’t find any helpful documentation so far.

Could someone please give me a hint? Or would you recommend for someone familiar with linux, bash and (somewhat) python to stick to the “traditional” way my prod system is currently setup?

Thanks in advance,

Ok. Issue #2 (Homematic HMConnection not having a _server attribute) is solved now. Turns out, it was again a DNS problem. If I don’t use the DNS name in the configuration.yaml but the IP address it starts working.
The misleading part seems to be, that the SSH plugin does name resolution itself when using ping for instance (Ref: here).

So the underlying issue keeps the DNS problem with the search domain :face_with_monocle: