Hassio_audio container multiple sound cards not detected

I recently added multiple usb soundcards to my system (HA Supervised on Ubuntu) with the hopes of setting up a Snapcast multiroom audio system. All cards are detected and working on the pulseaudio system on my host. However HA, and the hassio_audio container only see the built-in sound card (only card in the system at installation btw).

I have done a lot of research about pulse audio configuration and exploring in the container. Is this something that should be autodetected/setup when the new cards are added (like the host) or do I need to configure profiles and sinks manually for the new cards within the container? If so, is there any good info about doing this within the hassio_audio container structure?

I am hopeful an expert can help as there currently isn’t a lot of information available on the forums.


I asked a similar question when the supervisor audio was updated:

Ludeeus said:

And this was Balloob’s reply:

Which does not help me as I do not have or want a Spotify account.