Hassio on Raspbian

Ok, so I’m new here, keen to learn and have been reading plenty of the guides and docs. However, I’m sort of stuck at the start and just need a steer in the right direction.

I want to put Home Assistant on my Raspberry Pi 4, and I want it to have the hass.io menu so I can use the add-ons, etc. I don’t want to use HassOS as I’m not convinced I’ll be able to do the other things I want to do on the Pi with that. I also don’t want to do the manual install of Home Assistant which leaves me without the hass.io menu and makes it harder for me to install add-ons.

I’m not a Linux expert (frankly, I’m a beginner, but I’m a fast learner And I can follow instructions!) and so I think I’m looking to do this in docker, but I’m not certain. Please can somebody point me at the right set of instructions to install hassio on my Raspbian setup to achieve the desired result?

Thank you!

First, if you have read the official documentation you may have noticed that nowhere does it use the term hassio. That name was discarded many months ago in favor of Home Assistant.

You want the version that doesn’t come with HassOS but relies on whatever Linux distro you have already installed. That version is called Home Assistant Supervised.

The Community Guides section contains installation instructions for various versions including Home Assistant Supervised on Ubuntu.

If you prefer Home Assistant Supervised on Raspberry Pi OS then there’s this guide (which may eventually be incorporated into Guides section):

One final note, it’s not called Raspbian anymore. The name was recently changed to Raspberry Pi OS.