Hassio on RPi with Zigbee hub or zigbee2mqtt?

You can get a ton of pre-flashed sticks online off of amazon or ebay. Just look up Zigbe2mqtt usb stick and it should show some with the software ready to go.
The zigbee device you usually have to reset until it shows up in your log as connected and that’s all you’ll have to do.

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this guide is pretty straight forward:


Actually there is nothing wrong with the zigbee2mqtt instructions.

I know. That’s what i said.

But you were pointing to some 3rd party instructions.

Yes, but some of us share a home with other people who we care about and who have opinions - fact of life.

Also, it’s technically not impossible to expose your own HA switches and sensors and things to big cloud integration, it’s just easier if the zigbee gateway/hub vendor has done this for you

Somehow there’s always a bit of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) clouding whatever I can make in lovelace, when compared to Google Home app, despite ironically (pun alert) the latter being a free cloud service

I got mine from @h4nc:
Buy a ready2use zigbee2mqtt stick - flashed, antenna mod and printed case

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I do not think this is a good reason to use a 3rd party hub for zigbee. It probably won’t integrate with devices other than the hub vendor’s. It is subject to random and breaking firmware updates (hello Xiaomi) and it’ll probably upload your data to someone who respects your privacy less than you do.

But to counter your main point, ha does work with google and with alexa. Getting an OEM hub just to get google/alexa integration is a red herring on this forum.

I use zigbee2mqtt and am very happy with it. I have Philips Hue, Ikea Tradfri, and Xiaomi devices integrated through it.

It is definitely a more DIY route but if you have the ability or interest, it works very well. The documentation for the project is pretty good so you can read through it to see if it’s within your abilities.

Otherwise the Conbee/Deconz solution seems to be the other most recommended option.


because i feel like seeing someone do it makes it easier if you have no clue what you have to do

I have to admit I don’t really “get” more than half the comments here. And that’s totally my fault; I just don’t use most of the options presented here. But if the OP really is so new that he/she doesn’t have Hass.io up and running yet, then I’m guessing my experience level is closer to that than some of the other, more learned posters here.

I went through the exact same steps of researching the best options. I ended up buying a HUSBZB-1 USB Zigbee and Z-Wave adapter for my RPi 3B+.

I have a few different vendor’s devices talking to this, all using Zigbee and the native ZHA.

So far (6 months or so) I’ve had zero problems with any of this stuff. It was simple to set up, and has delivered rock-solid reliability.

I can’t say the same for other integrations like my Honeywell WiFi thermostats, WiFi smart plugs or even reading GPIO pins.

I would strongly recommend the HUSBZB-1 and Zigbee to anyone just starting out. If I had it to do over again, I’d ditch the WiFi plugs in favor of Zigbee devices.

Thanks for sharing. Haven’t heated of the HUSBZB-1 yet so i’ll look into it. Is there a zigbee alternative to wifi plugs tho? i haven’t really found any :confused:

Ikea has nice working zigbee outlet plugs.


I have five of the IKEA Zigbee outlet plugs. I also have a Sylvania “Smart +” plug.

The advantage to the Sylvania is it has a manual on/off button on the front. Of course, that’s only helpful if the outlet is within easy reach. Down by the floor behind the couch would be inconvenient.

I also use three Visonic MCT-340 E door/window/temperature sensors. I bought them just to use as temperature sensors, but I’ve also modified one to act as a binary sensor for my boiler.

All together, that’s 9 Zigbee sensors which have been working flawlessly starting back in May. The HUSBZB-1 has also been 100% reliable so far.

I can’t say the same for the TP-Link HS-110 WiFi smart plugs with energy monitoring. The HA integration for those keeps reporting them “unavailable,” even though TP-Link’s own Kasa app has no trouble connecting to them, and a ping to them never fails. The problem clearly isn’t with the hardware, but there doesn’t seem to be any known fix in HA.

I guess i’ll have to pick up some Ikea sockets then.
Another question: does anyone know about any EU zigbee touch light switches like those wifi ones from sonoff? the only ones i found were incredibly expensive.

or is there a hub/gateway maybe that only connects to wifi devices and then can connects to a wifi router to have less devices connected to the local router.
if that makes and sense :sweat_smile:

Aren’t you just talking about a wifi extender?

no i mean an actual hub that creates its own wifi or something and connects to your local router so that wifi sockets or other wifi products don’t have to connects to the router since that slows it down tremendously.

Honestly, get a better router.

my router isn’t that bad. but since the only smart light switches i can find are wifi i’m a little concerned about it

How do you know it will slow down then?