Hassio - Pi with fixed IP not visible in Router

Hi All,
I have a similar issue to this topic, i use a PI4 2GB with power USB-C 5V 3A , the PI is LAN connected to router. after a few hours (or 2 days at max), the PI4 does not showing anymore in my home network and i cannot access to it, even if the LAN led is ON and nothing have been touched. to discover it again, i need to reboot the PI4 manually.

This issue happened 2 to 3 times every week.
What can i do to check this problem and solve it?
Thank you

So it’s not HA issue as such. It sounds like a power supply problem or an sdcard failure. HA can’t access it and your network can’t see it because its locked up

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Thanks for your prompt feedback.
in this case, i will change the PSU to check first if it’s a Power problem .

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HI David,
about SD Card, if it’s a SDcard failure, how can it works again when i restart the PI manually?. :thinking:
last 2 days, I change the PSU and use an official brand new one, but it seems that does not resolve the issue, yesterday i got the same problem,