HassOS - new platform: Libra Computer La Frite

The La Frite by Libre Computer is an Amlogic S805X SoC similar to the Odroid, but with the form factor of a Rasberry Pi, running ARMv8-A architecture.

The specs are here: https://libre.computer/products/boards/aml-s805x-ac/

It supports u-boot, and buildroot even has a target for it: https://github.com/home-assistant/operating-system/tree/dev/buildroot/board/librecomputer/lafrite

I got it because it has integrated WiFi and seemed like a great combination of the Rpi-Zero-W and the Rpi3 (at the time), for the cost of a Zero.

Would it be possible to get a defconfig for this board, or should I scrap it and get an Rpi4 instead?

Could grab a N2+ as well.
There images for Home assistant OS for that.

$80 is a bit steep. I may just turn one of the NUCs I have lying around into a HassOS box, or tinker with the build config and see if I can’t get it working myself

I’ve successfully installed HassOS on La Frite.
On top of official Ubuntu image, I went through official instructions.
Only one thing I changed was setting env variable of MACHINE

export MACHINE=odroid-c2
systemctl disable systemd-resolved.service  # to be able to run AdGuard
curl -sL "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kanga-Who/home-assistant/master/supervised-installer.sh" | bash -s

And that’s it, everything got installed and running smoothly.


The instructions you linked to does not install HassOS.

That’s for installing HA Supervised, which is not the same thing.


Yeah, seems like I’d need to go with the Supervised install for now, thankfully there are official images for Debian 10 available as well: http://share.loverpi.com/board/libre-computer-project/libre-computer-board/image/debian/README.php