HDDTemp setup


I am trying to setup HDDTemp sensor. The following article says that I have to run hddtemp -dF command.

I use NUC. I logged in to my HA using SSH and tried to run it, but I get the following:

~ $ hddtemp -dF
-bash: hddtemp: command not found

What should I do?

What kind of installation of Home Assistant are you running? As the large warning on that page indicates, this integration only works if you are running Home Assistant Core.

I used NUC image to set it up. It is HassOS 4.12.

Then you are running Home Assistant (Formerly named HassIO), and not Core. As such, this integration will not work on your system.

Thank you for your reply. I did not know there was a difference. I thought it was all the same. What is the difference? Which one is better? Is there an explanation somewhere?

HA Core requires you to install HA manually on an existing linux system, and since it does not use docker there are no add-ons, snapshots, or other features like that.

The version you installed has the same Home Assistant features as the other install methods, but requires the least knowledge on how to setup and configure a linux system to get it running.

Here is a summary of the different versions.

There’s nothing wrong or bad about your install method. It’s probably the easiest to get working too.
The only thing you don’t have access to are some parts of the base linux system, such as the integration in the original post of yours.

I’d keep with the system you have and just find other ways of getting the info like HDD Temp. For example this data is likely available via Glances which is available as an addon and available for you to one-click install from the add-on store since you’re not running HA Core (one-click to install, the configuration of it might take more effort, but as I recall it’s a GUI config integration now, so might be relatively easy).

Got it, thank you very much!

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