Heating Automation override

I guess at least 80% of the HA-Users have a somehow climate automation. And propably 99% of them have the need to temporarily override the automations for different reasons.

In my case I have a nice working automation to control my heating TVR’s. But sometimes we have to set the temperature manually (like all of you?). E.g. by a Lovelace-Card or physically on the TVR.
But the automation set it immediately back within the trigger variables.
I don’t find a way yet to workaround (i can switch a scripted input_boolean to set the automation off for a given time. But that’s not wife/children-friendly).
We need something like “if set_temperature is NOT changed by automation than input_boolean on”
I can’t almost not belive that this issue exists…

It exists. It’s called the context object.

In the following example, the user wanted to turn off the climate entity only when someone manually turned on the heater switch.

Feel free to experiment with the concept for your own needs.

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In my opinion it sounds like you have a faulty automation.
I have not changed our temperatures once manually.
If we need to change it we either use a “boost” automation or we set the climate temperature which does not change back as you describe.