HELP needed mount remote smb share on hassos

Hi i have been trying all sort of stuff and still not able to mount network share for media folder after boot.
Please advice.
I need it for frigate NVR, the problem is that when the addon starts it delete the /media/frigate folder and recreate it. Therefor i cant mount the frigate folder i must mount the media so it will not be deleted.
I tryed everything in this forum and google.
I tryed portainer from homeassistant container and another something core where the frigate folder was created. /etc/fstab not working… and on core container it say media folder busy…
Thank you

I have done so many combos, so i don’t know why but the media folder in HASS is pointing toward the network share. But both ssh terminals adddons see the media folder as empty.
Now i guess that this

  mount_media: mount -v -t cifs -o noserverino,username=xxxx,pass=xxxxx,domain=WORKGROUP,sec=ntlm //192.168.xxxx/3_hass /media

Did mount the media folder. /media
But its like in some kind of docker container and not in the core HASSOS to be available for addons and not available to both ssh addons…

Somebody please make it clear for me <3

So for example i turn on frigate addon, it creates the folder /media/frigate
afterwords i delete everythingn what is inside, mount the share to /media/frigate
start the addon and this bastard just recreate the folder (remove the mount) at pu on the host os …

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Maybe it is possible to edit the run script for docker so i can mount it somewhere else. I might think that if i put it one folder up /media/frigate/frigate, it will not recreate the first folder.
i have this but i don’t know how to use it in HASSOS as this is hassio

docker pull blakeblackshear/frigate:stable-aarch64

docker create \
  --name frigate \
  --restart=unless-stopped \
  --device /dev/apex_0:/dev/apex_0 \
  --mount type=tmpfs,target=/tmp/cache,tmpfs-size=1000000000 \
  -v /dev:/dev \
  -v /mnt/media:/media/frigate \
  -v /mnt/config/config.yml:/config/config.yml:ro \
  -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
  -p 5000:5000 \
  -p 1935:1935 \

docker start frigate

Omg thank you will definetly try that and let you know :heart:
Now its 2am need to go sleep :))))

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I successfully installed frigate inside proxmox LXC container with mounted network share. If anybody need assistance, PM me,will help.

Hi @ukro , keen to hear about your experience!
Currently running Frigate as an Home Assistant add on but would like to be able to record to a NAS instead of the little SSD that HA runs on.
The HassOS set up is running on Proxmox so sounds like running Frigate into its own LXC would work out well for me.
Any tips?

First please vote on my FR :slight_smile:

Regarding frigate storage, you need to decide if you will use https for external connection outside your house or not.
If you will use external https connection then you need to do this:

If you will definetly never use https external connection and will use only on local wifi and want LXC then this:

I prefably would not seperate frigate and HASSOS. And the last important thing is, is the NAS on proxmox host as VM? or you have a seperate box for NAS?

Thanks a lot for the links, I’ll take a look.
The NAS is a separate box, accessible through SMB

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If you had that on the same box as Proxmox, you could make host only interface so it would not go through router. This is how i am doing.