Help Scripting please, alexa speach based on difference between inside and outside temp

hi all,

I’m looking for help please, I have no scripting experience and no idea how to do this…

I have the following that was made with alot of help from kind people in this forum and youtube videos (I can’t remember which ones) but I would like to take it a step further.

this was done and the comments were typed in just to proove it works, what I’d like to do now is have the comments as they are (all be it different words) but also to have a comment based on the difference between inside and outside temperatures, e.g.

if its colder outside that inside alexa will say “it’s at least xC warmer inside making it nice and cosy in here”

if it is warmer outside than inside alexa will say “it’s at least xC cooler inside, i’m trying to keep it as cool as I can”

if its the same temp… " I’m trying to keep things nice and ballenced to make you as comfortable as possible"

this is just example text, I’m wanting to try to have all the text taken from lists of options so it’s not a repetition every time.

does that make sence?

here is what I have working so far, as I say this is not my work but the work of others who have helped me in the past.

alias: 'speak temperature'
  - service: notify.alexa_media
        - "{{ states.sensor.last_alexa.state }}"
        type: tts
      message: >
        {% set rm1 = [ "The average temperature of the house is.. ",
                       "This house has a current average temperature of.. ", 
                       "If I was to guess, I would say the house is approximately.. ",
                       "Let me check.. Hmm.. I would say it is about.. ",
                       "Let me check with Roxy.. Hmm.. shes not talking to me.. I dunno maybe.. " ]
                     | random %}
        {% set rm2 = [ "WOW.. Ive known polar bears to freeze in temperatures higher than that. ",
                       "Please beware of falling icicles. ",
                       "But that is only a guess",
                       "I hope that answers your question. ",
                       "Wow!.. that is almost as hot as the surface of the sun. ", 
                       "Mmmm.. thats a nice cosy temperature, dont you think? " ]
                     | random %}
        {{ '{} {} Celsius.. {}'.format(rm1, states('sensor.average_house_temperature'), rm2) }}

try this