Help setting up a battery automation

i am brand new to home assistant as well as not being too knowledgeable in coding so i was hoping if i could get some help all i want is a standard automation that whenever the battery sensor (currently pixel 7 as a placeholder) goes below a specific % it will send a notification to target alexa devices and it will repeat the notification every lets say 10 minutes until it is above 90%

all i have so far is this

alias: doorbell battery

description: “”


  • platform: state


  • sensor.pixel_7_battery_level

to: <30



  • service: notify.alexa_media


target: media_player.craig_s_echo_show, media_player.craig_s_dot_bedside


tts: null

message: battery low

mode: single

like i said im very new to coding so i dont have much and have made what is here in the visual editor

any help is appreciated!!

Please see #11 here:
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