Help wanted with Tuya Wifi smart dimmer


I purchased this device and tuya converted it. It now runs ESPhome, but that’s it :frowning:

Does anyone know what GPIO’s to use for this specific module? Maybe a working config?

I can recommend you to flash tasmota using esphome webpage:

# Example EspHome configuration entry
  port: 80

Than open the IP of the device. and flash it.
In tasmota you can set all generic gpio pins to switches. Than toggle the switches and look if something changes. And write down the working gpio pins. But that wont I think. The tuya dimmers are controlled by serial(rx, tx). But you can try to select the tuya dimmer in the menu and try to find the right rx and tx. The best ist to test all

Hello I just today received the same dimmer and I would like to flash esphome config. Do you know config for this device or you met with this? thank You

Today someone got this working with tasmota.

You need to send serial codes from the ESP8266 to another MCU on the device, which controls the dimmer.

Also it looks like @nonamo got it working (at least for a brief period) on ESPhome:

I have the thing running esphome now, but that’s it. No dimming working yet.

Does anyone know to to configure it in esphome?

Tasmota works like this:

Check this post:

In my case that was not the one… I have the MS-105 which looks the same, but isn’t.

I’ll post the verified and working config now, as I just got it working :wink:

I have this one:

Verified working config:

  # Mousehouse MS-105 Wifi dimmer
  devicename: moes_dim_01
  upper_devicename: Moeshouse dimmer - 01

  name: $devicename
  platform: ESP8266
  board: esp01_1m
  ssid: !secret esphome_wifi_ssid
  password: !secret esphome_wifi_password
  # enable the fallback hotspot
    ssid: $devicename
    password: "qwe12345"

  password: !secret esphome_api_password

  password: !secret esphome_ota_password
  port: 80
 baud_rate: 0

# MS-105 serial communication
  rx_pin: GPIO3
  tx_pin: GPIO1
  baud_rate: 9600

# Register the Tuya MCU connection. Check your log for the correct values
#[21:12:30][C][tuya:034]:   Datapoint 6: int value (value: 0)
#[21:12:30][C][tuya:032]:   Datapoint 1: switch (value: OFF)
#[21:12:30][C][tuya:034]:   Datapoint 2: int value (value: 717)

  - platform: "tuya"
    name: "$upper_devicename dimming"
    dimmer_datapoint: 2
    switch_datapoint: 1
    min_value: 0
    max_value: 1000

This module has a beeper and something that looks like a temperature sensor below the “mosfet” or whatever this black 3-lagged M#F$ is :wink:

If anyone knows how to read/control those and how to use the (momentary)switch for dimming, please let me know.

May I suggest that you add it to

I find it endlessly fascinating/annoying that devices that can look so identical end up being quite different versions instead. Good effort on working out the (proper) tuya paramters

Given the dimming part of my config (QS-WIFI-D01-TRIAC) linked above just manipulates the light object - it wont matter that the light object itself dims via a different method. So you should be able to use those bits with your light config (assuming you have the switch working). If you have the switch (binary_sensor?) config in addition to your light above, I can graft the dim part on.