Help with entity_picture and file location

I want to try and use entity_picture to add some custom icons.

I am using Hassio with samba server to access the config files.

What I can’t find a clear answer on is where to put the image files (I have seen talk of www directory but where is this).

Also what is the file location used in the entity_picture: ???

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I had to create the www folder in the config directory. Then I put the images in this folder.
The url to this folder is http://home_assistant_url:8123/local/image.jpg

If your access your home assistant installation on, the url is

This works for me at least.


If you create a folder “www” inside your config folder (where configuration.yaml is also located), that folder will be accessable as /local/.

Just like thorbj has stated, this is the correct way.


Sorry not to thank for the support but have not had chance to try.

Great support and all working.

Many thanks

I just used the entity_picture: /local/image.pgn path in my customize.yaml file for the entity and it read the picture I added in the directory under /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/www/image.pgn. (After creating the www directory and adding the picture of course.)

If you use the customize.yaml don’t forget to add customize: !include customize.yaml in configuration.yaml under homeassistant:.

Worked great! Thanks for all the blogs!


Is this the case in 0.84.6?
I just created the www folder in my config folder, and uploaded a image.png file, and i’m unable to access the file from http://:8123/local/image.png

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Did you figure this out yet? I’ve just tried and also not working for me. I’ve just upgraded to 85

Nevermind, after waiting some time and after a reboot it all works.

Yes, you have to restart HA after creating the www folder.

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