Help with MQTT and Json for a water meter

Im trying to learn Json and setup this water meter via RTL_433 and MQTT what is the best way to get all this data into HA? It seems like I can do Json and import all this data into a device? This is what I have been trying…but it just shows as unavailable

Please post code as correctly-formatted text not screenshots:

Is your config under the mqtt: heading in configuration.yaml, either directly or via an !include directive? Anything relevant in the logs?

Yes it is under mqtt in heading I have a couple mqtt sensors do each need to have the mqtt heading?

    - name: "Bird Room Door"
      state_topic: "rtl_433/9b13b3f4-rtl433/devices/Generic-Remote/35436/cmd"
      payload_on: "10"
      payload_off: "14"
      device_class: opening
      unique_id: Bird Room Door Sensor
    - name: "Flower Soil"
      state_topic: "rtl_433/9b13b3f4-rtl433/devices/Fineoffset-WH51/0d47c8/moisture"
      unit_of_measurement: "%"
      unique_id: Flower Soil

    - name: "Neptune Water Meter"
      state_topic: "rtl_433/rtl433/devices/Neptune-R900/1577724356/consumption"
      unit_of_measurement: "f³"
      unique_id: Water Meter
      device_class: water
      icon: "mdi:water"

See here:

If you’re declaring device_class: water, your unit_of_measurement should be ft³ not . I would imagine there’s an error in your logs about this.