Help with parson MQTT

Hi all,

Need some help in parsing MQTT payload as shown below:


I simply cannot get my head about how to parse, especially since the variable names are the same in the payload. Some assistance please on to crease a value_template to parse this!

For which value(s)?

Also please format your data correctly for the forum so it does not replace the quotes with invalid “fancy” ones.

There’s a handy tool here for finding paths to json data:

I need to parse all the data.

You did not format your data, so I had to do it for you. You’re not making this easy.

Using this data (see how the quotes are different?):


And the website linked above gives you all the information you need. For example to create a sensor for the fourth p value:

You would use this value template in your sensor:

value_template: "{{ value_json[3].p }}"

You can make 18 separate sensors or you can put some of the values in attributes.

Thank you! Yes that works. And apologies for the formatting. I need to learn how that’s done for the next time.