Helper: Subtract/Add/divide/multiply two sensor values

you are kidding me - came on ad subtract - its on the f–n icon already.

and this was first helper i try to make!!!


Subtract would be awesome! It would reduce the number of yaml-created templates a lot.


Also running into the issue of not having substract, would be awesome if this was added because now i still need to use templates…

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Until a ‘Subtract Two Sensors’ Helper is implemented (if ever) here’s how to do it with a simple Template Sensor.

In the following example, the goal is to subtract the value of sensor.subtrahend from the value of sensor.minuend and report the result in sensor.difference.

  - sensor:
      - name: Difference
        state: "{{ states('sensor.minuend') | float(0) - states('sensor.subtrahend') | float(0) }}"

How the template works:

  • states('sensor.minuend') gets the state value of sensor.minuend.
  • State values are always strings (text) even when they appear to be numeric. We convert the string value to a floating point number (a number with decimal places as opposed to integer) using float(0).
  • The 0 in float(0) is a chosen default value. If float is unable to convert the sensor’s state value it will report 0 (the default value). You can set the default value to whatever is best for your application. For example, if the sensor’s value is unavailable then float will report 0.
  • The second half of the template simply performs the same procedure for sensor.subtrahend and then subtracts the resulting value from the value of sensor.minuend.

Substraction of a fixed value is possible though:
Create a Number with a negative value.
Create a ‘Combine the state of several sensors’ and ‘Sum’ the Number and e.g. a sensor value.
I used this to make a sensor offset.

If you see a ‘non-numeric’ error when using the Sum result in a Card on your Dashboard: A restart of Home Assistant will solve this error.

Also looking for subtract.
Could be a good option to negate any used sensor with a checkbox, then SUM could be simply used for subtract (not only 2 sensors, but any)


2023 and still without subtract option :man_facepalming:
I wish it would be included in the next update…

Please Home Assistant team!


No multiply either :roll_eyes:. All im after is multiplying voltage and current to give watts.


Same here. Multiply a sensor with another sensor or a certain value would be great.

I just want to get rid of my templates as I’m mostly on smartphone and the config file isn’t userfriendly there.


big facepalm when I came here and see that only sum is available, would be great to have at least difference?

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I have a simple suggestion. Sum will work for either subtract or sum if we were able to set a flag per selected entity that simply states “Invert”. This would work better in my mind because if you are doing a calculation with more than two sensors, you may want to have one be a negative value in the equation and this the sum is calculated accordingly.

An example for me is trying to ascertain my non-load items on my inverter, can get the Total , can get the UPS load with a sum but there isnt a way to take the first total and subtract the new UPS value to get the non-load value.

Just a thought. And the inversion can just be a simple {value}*-1.


Agreed that not having the basic arithmetic primitives (+, -, *, /) is weird (if not subtraction, then at least negation as commented by kosmika)…

Having all of the standard ‘calculator’ operations would certainly make the most sense.


Sum and Product (multiply) is part of Group sensor (min_max/Combine several … will be deprecated).
PR’s are made for subtraction and division which obviously also is for Group sensor then.

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I think it would be very helpful to have a general formula calculation. For example,

f = (a + b - c) * sqrt(d)

I don’t know if it’s possible though…


Oh the template sensor works!

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after having setup a template, it would still be very nice to have it as a helper. if this were implemented I would throw away my template for the helper system.

as long as it has multiple + and - like: a+b-c

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Please keep in mind this is an open source project. There are amazing people who have already been working on this feature.

This PR is one of those examples Add subtract in Group sensor by gjohansson-ST · Pull Request #95164 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Looks like that PR was “friendly-declined” and closed without merging.

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sensor groups exist and you ahve the following options:

sum for addition
product for multiplication

division and subtraction don’t make sense with multiple entities because the order would matter and HA doesn’t maintain an order under the hood for lists.

This add/subtract helper would be ideal for measuring the power usage of my house. I have a sensor of total power consumption and a sensor of power production of my solar panels. However the solar panels merge with the power grid in my house prior to the point were the consumption is measured. So I always get my power consumption were the solar production is substracted. In the amazing energy-tab I can see the hourly results, but not real time. For my buggy neo coolcam power plugs i use the Rietman integration function helper and it works like a charm, so I assume that a simple add/subtract function can’t be that difficult, but i have to admit that I’m not a programmer and I’m very thankful for all the work that has been put in HA