HEOS AVR support for setting speaker levels

Hi! I love the HEOS integration so far, it does almost everything I need it to do.

The feature I’d really like to see added surrounds the HEOS AVR, which allows you to set the speaker levels of the different connected speakers to the AVR relative to each other.

In case you’re interested in the use case: Depending on the audio mode (Auto, Stereo, Surround etc.) some of the speakers will play audio at very different volumes by default. The quick select inputs do not store/change those speaker levels so they just persist regardless of the mode of the AVR. This means switching modes involves changing the relative speaker levels each time for optimal setup.

So what I’d like to be able to do is just use Home Assistant to define preset speaker levels depending on the way I’m listening to things.

The speaker level page looks like this in the app:

You can find it via this path in the app: Music->Settings->My Devices->Select your AVR’s name->Speakers->Levels

Given that it’s possible in the app, I feel like it should maybe be possible to add to the integration, since I’m guessing the app must make some sort of similar remote call to do it, however I don’t see this functionality listed anywhere at http://rn.dmglobal.com/usmodel/HEOS_CLI_ProtocolSpecification-Version.pdf so I’m not sure.

Potentially the AVR has some other document corresponding to it?

From my research it seems @andrewsayre may be the guru of this integration so giving you a quick tag just in case you know off-hand!

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, did you ever figure it out?

There is a solution for setting the levels (have not tried it yet) but it seems to be one way HA->Denon