Hey Insteon users!

I am also new to Home Assistant…
I just got it up and running with Insteon. Once I added the Insteon integration,
Under /Configuration
The Insteon Icon for xx Devices and xx Entities started slowly counting up.

Now, I wish there was a way to add 2 Insteon hubs to 1 Home Assistant… :slight_smile:

It’s been about an hour and nothings showing up. How long did it take for you? I’ve got a few dozen devices and some are going on and off (thus sending signals).

It was less than an hour before some were showing up… I then left and went to town. When I got back it was filled up with devices.

It’s been 4hrs for me and nothing’s happening. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Same boat for me.

Hey you Insteon users :slight_smile:

It is great to see that HA has supplied you with a way to get your gear back going, and a warm welcome.

A word to the wise. This is not criticism at all, but can I just say please that subjective statements, like “it’s been 4 hours” or “Mine worked after I’d been to the shops” are only of limited use. Sure, they give some general guidance on how things can take quite a while.

However getting actual help requires a bit more effort. This post is the guiding light to getting good help How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

Read it, read it all. Then open some new threads with the specific info needed to help you. Logs are really important. I hope this helps you guys and gals to get the system working for you.



Awesome- will do! I searched and found that most questions of my ilk seemed to be in this mega thread so I specifically tried to keep it here and keep it lightweight (no logs, etc). I’m totally happy to start fresh with details, thank you again for the tip!

Cross linking to my own post in case it ever matters: Inability to import Insteon devices

I did quite a lot of working trying to build a complete device and scene management UI in node red. I discovered and solved a number of quirks; situations where the devices do not behave how the documentation says they should. I had normal switches/dimmers plus keypads, battery operated devices and i/o lincs working.

The project never went anywhere as the guy who’s repo I was making pull requests to decided to go in a different direction.

None the less if any of the devs need any help, getting insteon database management working let me know.

After the news about Insteon and discovering this site, I spent last weekend installing Home Assistant on a mini-PC I bought off of Amazon, and reconfiguring my 82 Insteon devices (112 entities) to work with Home Assistant, and wanted to say how thankful I am for this system. It took a number of tries to get the new NUC to communicate and authenticate with the Insteon Hub, but once connected auto discovery worked well and all devices (with the exception of a Siren I have that didn’t even work with Insteon’s new app) are configured and, equally importantly, all of the Alexa voice commands my family had grown so used to are working again! During the setup, I made heavy use of HA Groups (to control Insteon switches and keypads in concert) as well as the ability to turn Insteon’s on/off switches into Lights. In addition, after a lot of detective work documenting device IDs and Insteon group numbers, I was able to create binary_inputs and/or scripts to leverage my existing Insteon Scenes to turn multiple insteon devices on and off all at once. All of which works perfectly with the Home Assistant Cloud Alexa integration. Fantastic work on this entire system - am thrilled I don’t have to start a project to replace all of the Insteon devices in my home - and to be able to continue to integrate the other technologies at use in my home (which I’ve already started with MyQ and Nest)

Do you have the new beta insteon page thats being worked on? If not, then how did you pull off the insteon scripts to make lights turn off all at once? i cant stand the popcorn effect with the normal groups.

Any chance this new integration will consider fixing the state refresh rates of the Insteon Thermostats connected to the Hub ? - They work well, but state refresh rate takes forever.
Thanks !!

These were all Insteon Scenes that I had set up before the Insteon app went away. I used insteon.print_im_all_link_database to dump the Insteon database details, then used the device ids to identify group numbers for the scenes I was interested in, and used insteon.scene_on and insteon.scene_off to control those scenes from HA.


The services insteon.scene_on and insteon.scene_off have existed for a long time. You only need the scene number which you can discover in insteon_devices.json in the root of your user installation.

The beta software current is more focused on getting access to other things as well as adding devices and creating scenes.

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Where do you get the output of insteon.print_im_all_link_database?

Replying here to stay that I solved my own problem and documented it over in the stand alone thread.

Can you share some samples of using the binary_inputs to trigger the insteon scenes? That would be much appreciated!!

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alias: Turn Scene 25 On
description: ''
mode: single
  - platform: state
      - input_boolean.test
    to: 'on'
condition: []
  - service: insteon.scene_on
    group: 25

It does sadden me that Insteon did this to its users and to what I thought was a great suite of products. I have been purchasing their products for over 13 years and have over 60 in my house. I did however use this opportunity to replace it all with z-wave and wifi devices and I can honestly say, I will never look back. Transitioning to z-wave plus the amazing work by the Home Assistant teams bring truly such a great home automation experience. Again, I thank you all.

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Great work guys. I am heavily invested in Insteon. 100+ devices controlling just about every thing in my home. I abandoned the Insteon hub years ago and switched to ISY some 4 years ago. They messed me up by breaking Z-Wave compatibility with an ISY update and told me to purchase a new ISY. I switched fully to hassio and nabucasa about a year ago now and never looked back. Keep it commin…