High CPU usage after 0.113 (also)

I have upgraded from 0.111.X to 0.113.3 and I am experiencing high CPU usage. I have tried deleting my DB to make sure it is not the conversion and that did not help. My setup is run within Docker.

I have linked to the output of py-spy record and dump. I am not very familiar with that tool so if there is something else to output that would help please let me know.



I downgraded to 0.112.3 and the problem went away.

I then went back to 0.113.3 and through trial and error I figured out the high CPU usage is being caused by the Ikea Trådfri component. I also noticed that when I was having the high CPU usage, the Home Assistant Docker container was also pushing around 100Kb/sec over the network. That also stopped when I removed the Ikea Trådfri component from my configuration.

Since the Ikea component has never really worked correctly in the Docker container, I am not all that concerned about removing it.