HIgh Current (20amp) Smart Switch?

This is perfect! Thank you, I’ll post back with my results

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FYI, the Shelly1 should be set up as a latching relay, with the switch mode as a push-on / push-off.

The button offers a manual override, should you want to control the appliance outside of its regularly scheduled times.

I have similar situation, only I try to power my electric heater that draws 2400w. Could something like that be done with sonoff basic and contactor?

Yes, it doesn’t matter which HA-supported switch you use for the contactor. You only switch the contactor coil. The power circuits are connected to the contacts of the contactor.

Nice, thanks!
Do you meybe know any contactors on aliexpress that are any good for 2400W heater?
I was looking at this one:

25A and 230V is 5750W. Sufficient reserve.

Well, i placed an order on those, it should be safer and more reliable than 16A relay.

Just curious if you have any feedback on this contactor; reliability/quality? Thx