@tomasbedrich ,

Hi, i am working in Hikvision Europe and I am resposible for development of Intercom and access control products. If any assitence is needed i can connect you with our integration managers that can provide you API or SDK for Hik-Connect or any device needed.

Hope that will help.


Hi , I have downloaded the SDK before, but I don’t believe there is one for HikConnect itself?
The SDK and isapi is based on local hardware, right?

Some other guy guy implemented the SDK , and it’s working very good, the only problem is that the SDK is only limited to specific OS, like Ubuntu and redhat only … so can you also obtain sources from the library’s? So we can use it for other OS too?

This is very good news :slight_smile:

Good infor will be also if we can use integration with HikVision by local connection not by cloud. But i dont know if possible.

There is already local connection, it’s based on isapi or SDK, it’s all available in the other thread

What other thread are you referring to?

this one, i shared all available ISAP commands that can be used, also custom firmware for 8003
link to SDK developer with python is also there

Thanks, its just that in 8 posts by you in this thread there was no link :slight_smile:

EDIT I see that @tomasbedrich mentioned it in his first post, I missed that. I’ll go back to my corner.

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What device do you have?

Thanks Krasimir! I’ve contacted you via direct message.

We are providing SDK and ISAPI for most of the devices.

I will check and let you know.


Maybe you can kindly assist.

I have a doorbell hikvision, installed the integration and the device was found. Did the script with service etc however when i test run script no error are logged but the doorbell does not open the lock.

Doorbell model: DS-KV6113-WPE1


Hi @urgin,
I can help you possibly if you send me your logs. Can you please follow the guide mentioned above?
Thanks, Tomas

I have outdoor station DS-KD8003-IME1 / S/EU. Is there any possibility to receive the venet of “push button/ring” on local network? Thank you

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Yes, using ISAPI, see the other thread, make sure to load the custom firmware, and don’t upgrade to latest official release, because there is no way to downgrade

Ouh, it maybe problem for me. Last week the upgrade to last FW version was done automatically. Since upgrade my door station after push button says: “Calling was not successful”. It means that no solution at this moment for me, right?

Not with ISAPI :frowning:

Or downgrade , maybe you can downgrade with serial or SDK tools…

You also use that SDK script, there is another project for this, works on every firmware, but it requires specific OS, not supported on alpine (HassOs)

Hi @DastyDiesel, does the Hik-Connect integration find the outdoor station? If so, it should work as soon as https://github.com/tomasbedrich/home-assistant-hikconnect/issues/4 is implemented.

Hello everyone,

Based on Tomáš’s libraries I created a homebridge plugin. It will expose locks to homebridge/Homekit.

@tomasbedrich I could not use your python library in homebridge (it is in JavaScript) so I recreated the client. I’ll follow your development and try to sync if you figure out new stuff. :slight_smile: Great work by the way!

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Thank you! What devices are supported?
Also, I tried and got the following error:
Error: Failed to get devices
at HikConnectClient.getDevices (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/homebridge-hikconnect/src/client/index.js:65:13)
at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:95:5)
at HikConnectPlatform.discoverDevices (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/homebridge-hikconnect/src/index.js:28:23)

Eidt: V1.0.1 works great!