Hisense TV Control

Hey @K-1
Are you going to look at creating a component for this? if not i was going to give it a go, seems it could be easy enough to implement

Hey @Joeboyc2

Its out of my skillset, but you are certainly most welcome to write one - that would be fantastic. Let me know if you need any help testing.

Great stuff, i’ll give it a look over, not something i have done before, but more then willing to give it a try.

i’ll keep you all updated with my progress

The connection to the Hisense MQTT is possible for the Hisense H50U7A as well.

I am also able to send commands to the TV and control it. My problem is, when the television is shut down, after a certain time the MQTT connection is lost. Wake on LAN can turn it on again, but MQTT needs a while to connect back to the TV. I already reduced the keepalive time to 15 seconds - no effect. Is there a way to manually start the MQTT reconnection immediately after I turned on the Hisense with wake on Lan?


Have you got it setup your Mqtt to bridge with the tv mqtt? That’s how I have it setup so Hass always has connectivity to local Mqtt and the bridge reconnects pretty fast. Google setting up a Mqtt bridge.

Thanks for your advice!

I followed this instructions. But the Mosquitto log shows all the time “Connecting bridge Hisense (” and does not establish any connection. My bridge settings are:

connection Hisense
remote_username hisenseservice
remote_password multimqttservice
clientid HomeAssistant
start_type automatic
topic # both

What am I doing wrong?



Here is my config:

connection hisensemqtt
address 172.18.xxx.xxx:36669
username hisenseservice
password multimqttservice
cleansession true
clientid HomeAssistant
try_private false
start_type automatic
topic # both

Were you able to resolve this issue? have the same exact error.

No change with K-1’s settings.

I have Hisense H8 series TV. Is there a way to find if it supports MQTT or not?

have you tried connecting with a mqtt client directly to the hisense tv and make sure it works? That will confirm if its working basically first. If that works then we can just focus on sorting out the mqtt bridge issues. If it doesnt maybe hisense changed the password on different models (we can try sniff these out)

I tried connecting with MQTT explorer. It tries to connect, but then throws the similar error message “disconnected from server”.

Any pointers on how to sniff username/password?

Setup a emulated android device on your computer and install hisense remote app. then just packet capture on the interface and sniff out the username/password.


Hi! I try this config on H55A6100:
WOL work.
MQTT work.
But ping sensor not :confused:

Did you change any settings for open ping port?

Hello - nothing special for ping. Can you ping the TV IP from your computer/laptop? type this command in cmd prompt ‘ping ip_of_your_tv’

if that works then homeassistant should be able to ping as well.

i think the issue will be because the network seems to go offline when the tv is put in to standby, well atleast it does on mine :frowning:

Hello - Yes that’s correct. Because we dont know the state of the TV we use ping to tell Homeassistant which state its in using ping. Ping success (TV is on). Ping fail (TV is off)

We could probably get more clever somehow?

No :frowning: Can’t ping for PC.
I found WOL enable/disable in system preferences. So maybe ping also near. But maybe they lock ping in new firmware. Which version on your TV?

Hey UksusoFF,

My version is I320. Nothing fancy to allow ping. as long as its part of Wifi it works fine. Would be surprising that a device doesnt respond to ping when its on.

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Mine doesn’t seem to reply to pings either. But all the other things appear to work just fine. I don’t really mind because I could just use a Sonoff POW to monitor the energy consumption and this figuring out if it’s on or off. Not the best solution but certainly not a bad one.

Anyone had any luck at creating a component for these TVs or any additional controls?

I’m running home assistant on a Windows PC, how would I integrate the MQTT connection in my config?

Using the code @K-1 provided above I’ve been able to ping my TV and get it to wake on lan but no response from the MQTT broker.