History Data not saving

I am not sure since when but I just saw that my HA is no longer saving history data for configured devices. If I am right there was was homeassistant.db before but I have no file like that. I am using HA Version 0.114.2. Was there a breaking change in the past I missed? The config was working like this before so not sure what is different now.

I’ll assume this is a typo:

There was a problem displaying history data in 0.111.2. Your data is still there.

It has been fixed in 0.111.3, and is still fixed in 0.111.4

You really should keep track of each release note topic for common problems. It’s in the blog catagory, here is the current one for release 0.111

Thx for the info but sorry, I can not check every little note. Sometimes I just miss something because there is so many updates every time. Do not get me wrong, I am very happy with the speed HA get updates but as a user I get hard sometimes to not miss important updates that break something.

I updated to 0.111.4 and still have the same issue that the op has. All history data/graphs are not showing up in the UI.

On the updates when you click the release notes it shows the 0.111.0 notes and does not specifically mentions what the point release is updating/fixing.

Yeah it does. You just have to follow the link at the bottom of the first post then scroll down. A lot.

I agree that this is annoying. I usually just check: https://github.com/home-assistant/core/releases rather than using the link in home assistant.

On to your issue. Are you really on 0.111.4?

Check the developer tools info page.

Are there any database errors in the log?