HLK-LD2450 Initial experiments to connect to HomeAssistant

The chart I showed is just a case, ghost point can be anywhere, I’ve asked help from HLK, hopefully they can do something to dig out the problem after Chinese new year!
By the way, I got similar problem with LD2450 when multi-target is enabled. so I use single target mode for LD2450 all the time.

well if 2450 is working right with single target and also costs much less, it can be a good catch. For my use case che point is knowing if there is someone in the detection area, not the number of targets.
I fear i’ll have to get a 2450 :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone tried to use ld2410 and ld2450 at the same time (on different UARTs)? Do the radar waves interfere each other or does it work to combine better still target detection and positioning? I’m waiting on 5 different ld**** device’s, but with CNY it will take an other 2 weeks I think till they are here and I’m able to test myself… :sweat:

can you show your esphome.yaml and mabye an automation.yaml to how to make sensor do something

Can you provide the code?

indeed, it is not good timing to buy LD2461 at this moment. I use it just for learning. To learn how to make custom sensor for HA and making the chassis by 3D printer.

this is another very good point. Is a PLA printed wall interfering with sensor’s waves? do we need to leave the sensor uncovered?
in the meantime my finger fell on the order button for a 2450 on ali…

I have LD2410 in a small PLA case. I made front plate pretty thin (1mm) and i didn’t notice and degradation in range. I guess it’s a good idea to leave as little as possible between sensor and front plate, to eliminate any reflections, though.

Did you manage to fix this? I’m having the same issue.

Switch TX with RX.
Had same problem.
I see lots of posts/people saying to connect RX to RX and TX to TX. Not in my case.

I’ve seen the same thing. However, I don’t think that is correct. Usually transmit (TX) on one end connects to receive (RX) of the other Since I’m using a D1 mini (esp8266) and powering through the USB I’ve read that this may disable the RX pin which is why I moved the pins. However, I’m using Uncle Yura package and if his solution is hardwired to pins 1 & 3, that would explain why it doesn’t work for me. My next step is to use an ESP board vs the ESP8266.

I am using D1 Mini+LD2450+Yura package, and yes, I had to to connect TX-RX and RX to TX to see data coming in(the logic thinking).
But in another project I use a RS485-TTL converter (3.3V), and in that one I had to connect TX-TX and RX to RX. Also in that converter I cannot use UART pins due to pull ups, so I choose D2-D1 as UART

I tried it with and without front plate as below before, the result was same !

Yep, I tried, it is 50/50, on one it is working great, on other 2410 went crazy, however if I switch 2410 to low distance settings it is always working correctly.

I tried it multiple times, even with ld2450, I asked them to enable cloud point instead of processed data (as it is in LD6002), they promised and nothing happen for months

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just wondering if there is an alternative way to integrate this kind of sensor in HA without using esphome…
i commonly code my ESP devices and then use mqtt integration to take data to my HA, but i think there is not a “mqtt presence sensor” in ha, am i wrong?
half of the fun is gone if i use esphome :slight_smile:

binary sensor with device_class presence

Most often I am using TCP/UDP UART proxy

well i assume this is just a… binary sensor so no “radar”, no x-y-z values and so on…
what about this?

it is just a device with multiple sensors, presence is binary sensor, x,y,z are numeric sensors etc.

ad UART:
I am just getting stream and parsing it locally, in python or js (node red)
Then when I am happy with solution I am writing C code for esp or for esphome.

I finally got mine as well. Tested 4 diffrent ld2450 and 4 ld2410. Distance between sensors 4cm and never got bad readings. Maybe it’s firmware issue or orientation (my ld2450 is vertical, ld2410 horizontal) which causes problems.