Hoe do you create additional actions in CarPlay?

I finally got a chance to look at the Carplay integration today and created an action. Pretty cool, I now have an action to open the garage. I’d love to create a close action too… but I can’t figure out how to do additional actions. I’ve spent some time searching, but I’m clearly using the wrong search terms.

Can you only have 1 action?

I tried to copy the Automation I found inside Home Assistant, but it doesn’t show up in Carplay. I can see the setting in the configuration.yaml, but it uses some GUID that seems important and system generated.

For the first Action, there is a big button to create your first one. Where is that button for additional ones? Or, maybe I can only have one. In which case, what if you want to be able to do more than one thing?

This won’t be an answer to your question (sorry…) but my wife is getting a new car that supports carplay and I’ve looked around a bit to see how to provide some sort of actions/automations/buttons etc but haven’t seen anything on how to do that. I’m not an iPhone user and have never had the need to look into anything associated with it till now.

And carplay doesn’t pop up in a search for the integration in HA.

so could you please post a link to where you found the documentation on how to set up your action?


No. As many as you want I belive

Did you read instructions?

Long and short

Create automation.

Automation should trigger on iOS.action_fire. Like below.

platform: event
event_type: ios.action_fired
  actionName: Away
id: Iosaway

Pay attention to “Away” . This will be the name of action created for iPhone to call

You may use a single automation to call all of your actions. Above the “id” “iosaway” identifies this event was triggered by the “Away” action

Now you have a trigger in automation you just need to add action to it.

  - condition: trigger
       - Iosaway
  - service: lock.lock
        - lock.door

I use if/then to look at the “id” and execute action based on the “id”

So now if you put the two pieces above in a single automation you will be able to have iOS/carplay call that action. But how?

There are two ways and but I will explain one. Basic create a yaml file and add your action there. Busy doing this the Action will be Shared across all devices connected to HA. Below goes in HA config file.

    - name: Away
      background_color: "#000000"
        text: "Away”
        color: "#ff0000"
        icon: earth
        color: "#ffffff"
      show_in_carplay: true
      show_in_watch: true

Don’t get confused by the “Name” used in the config and “id” used in the HA automation. They are separate and related only because you define this in the HA automation trigger.

You can create iOS action on the CarPlay device but it will only work on the single device and you will still need to tie it to an HA automation as a trigger.

This info should get you in the ballpark. I suggest you read the instructions and hopefully info
I provide helps clear any confusion.


My Procedure to create is:
1- Open Home assistant in mobile
2- Go to Settings-Companion APP (i didnt know this menu)
3- Actions
4- Now you need to create manually all the actions. when you have the automation don’t need to be configured by the app. put some simple automation (will be edit later).
5- Go to home assistant in the pc - automations and now you will have all the automations created in the app.
6- Edit each automation to do what you need

Note: Every time that you need to create a new action, need to be created in the app. I didn’t find a way to do everything in home assistant. to delete a action you need to do it in the actions companion app and then in home assistant automations.

It seems that the action have the source id (equipment) and then is not matching.

I hope it helps.