Home Assistance OS 2022.3.5 - very slow and unusable


Since updating home assistant OS, Hass has become very slow and unusable.
Sometimes home assistant seems to lose network connection. I have to unplug it electrically so that it reconnects to the network

I can’t open some pages:

  • config/automation: `Error while loading page automation.
  • config/person: `Error while loading page person.
  • hassio: une page blanche, / I can’t go back with a backup
  • config/logs: Error while loading page logs.
  • etc

config/dashboard need 5-10 seconde to be open.

Any ideas ? It’s really boring and i do not know how to fix it.

Fine here! !

I unplugged/replugged the RPI again, Hass worked great for 15-20 mins and now it’s getting slow again and some pages don’t work anymore.

And after 15-20 min, I can no longer access the ZWave_js integration (which allows me to manage the roller shutters of the house).


Nowhere near enough information here for anyone to help you, unfortunately. You can access the supervisor log in the settings panel - there might be some clues there. Additionally the log files in the config directory may contain clues.

Or, from the command line you could choose to downgrade to the prior version with ha core —update 2022.3.4 I highly recommend you a do backup first.

To be fair: it’s very hard to debug these issues when HA just freezes. You can’t ssh into it, also Samba doesn’t work and logs usually never showed anything for me.

Which pi are you using? How much ram?

What helped me, that you can try is:

  • make backup
  • roll back home assistant core to 2022.3.4 as @qui3xote suggested
    -I also rolled back Home Assistant (is) because I suspected this for being the reason first. Not sure what did the trick. Try rolling back core, if that doesn’t help, we can try the next step.

Well no one ever said ssh wasn’t working, so how is someone supposed to know the log is unavailable?

In fact the op said the system was slow, not frozen.

I had exactly the same problem and the reason was an undervoltage of my Pi caused by a faulty USB cable