Home Assistant and selling your home

The problem with not worrying about it until you get a ‘sales contract’ is most people don’t know enough to know what can and can’t be done. They see it during the showing and make a lot of assumptions.

(this is exactly what happened to my friend. They ended up in arbitration because the ‘smart home’ did not meet expectations and they wanted him to leave the fully configured setup) I had to find an ‘expert’ for him that was not me (too close to a party to testify as expert) that leaving the setup in place was dangerous to both parties (which if anyone ever needs me to do so in court I would consider it because it is dangerous)

Smart home ready - not ‘smart’ would have saved him three months and about $10k USD.

Turn it all off before you show it to avoid the expectations - words matter in contracts.

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And you don’t have a contract until both sides sign. Don’t sign anything with any ambiguity.

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Oh i totally agree. It’s just something neither side even considered they NEEDED to talk about… :wink:

Wow, glad I asked the question. So many good responses that I never even thought about. Thank you everyone.

I’m not selling my house any time soon, but this issue is on my mind already. Especially after the most recent renovation where we installed hydronic heating system. I opted to control individual radiators from a central ESP based controller and each room has either ESP based or Zigbee temperature sensor. Everything is controlled by HA via the phone apps and automations. You can see the problem with selling the house. If I take out HA, radiant heating goes off-line. :-/ I think I need to find some stand alone wireless thermostats or go back to primitive wired thermostats before I seel the house. In a way, HA is missing a feature where it could be configured to be completely off-line and void of any personal accounts.

Excellent article on this topic posted at the Verge, by Jennifer PattisonTuohy.
How to move a smart home

You can see the problem with selling the house. If I take out HA, radiant heating goes off-line

I’m in that spot too. There are a number of pieces of technology we’ve implemented now that can’t function without some sort of smart controller. Though…I was aware of that when they went in, so I guess my bad. :wink:

In ESPHome you’de just enable the web-access, so it can be controlled locally again :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed. I’m considering an experiment with ESP touch screen devices for thermostats and I’m hoping to figure out some sort of peer-to-peer network so that it could work without wifi.