Home assistant blocks every day

Once a day, mostly between 4 and 5 am, home assistant stops running, When I try to restart I get the message that it cann’t find the config.yaml. I have to give a hard reset. After that it runs again correctly.
It runs on a Raspberry Pi 4-64 with the latest firmware. How can I find the cause? Anyone who can help me?

Hi Theo!

Best would be to invest 10 minutes reading this article :point_down:

After that you probably want to add some more information to your post so people without :crystal_ball: are able to help you :+1:

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Thanks for reacting. I will keep it in mind. :innocent:

Maybe, maybe, maybe, Recorder starts the purge at 4:12. Have a big database ?



yes the database could be very big. Is that a problem?

It could be a problem - but we might never know :man_shrugging:

Based on your answer, you might deem this unnecessary and unfriendly, but trust me, it isn’t! The thing is, we need way more information from you, to help. As you can see in the posts following yours, there is not much to tell you, as we really have no idea, what is happening. :slight_smile:

So please, read that linked topic and provide the named informations. It won’t work without! :slight_smile: