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Anyone can help me pls?
I dont use nabu casa, i use duckdns.
Everything is working fine, and i can get to my HA instance from outside using the duckdns url
That same url is noted in my external url under network settings in HA
However when i try to cast my dashboard to a google hub, its says nabu casa isnt connected…

Any ideas?

Coming back to his
I moved away from duckdns to cloudflare, and now when i try to cast a dashboard it says its connect, then i hear the sound and a white screen
But it stays on a white screen, any idea?

To anyone having issues with the official Cast integration, I suggest to try CATT/DashCast.

The 10 minutes timeout problem has been solved (https://github.com/swiergot/ha-catt-fix).

You don’t even need to use HTTPS, in fact I’ve got better results with HTTP.

Here is a nice guide how to set it up:

(remember to skip the cast.sh part, it’s no longer needed)


I’ve succeeded with the cast …
The problem was that the view wasnt set to panel:true
If i set it to panel:true , i’m able to cast it
otherwise i got blank screen

Hi Finn, did you manage to cast a dashboard to a screen in portrait mode?
I’m testing using a computer screen with an older chromecast as a “Magic Mirror”…

Hi all, simple question:

How to have a dark screen in the cast?
Actually i can have only a white screen also if in the UI i have a dark screen and while casting i don’t have visible the sidebar where eventually change my options…

EDIT: Solved adding this to the script:

  - service: frontend.set_theme
      name: Google Dark Theme
      mode: dark

No it is not possible to rotate with chromecast. I have also a potrait (Touch) monitor, soo much pain about that, so many Problems to solve.

I am getting problems using the cast option in entities card.

I posted here what i get:

Does anyone know about a problem with Cast?
everything worked since the feature was released for me, except for the past couple of days when the same dashboard casting won’t show the thermostat and other components that are in the dashboard.
For example, this is how the dashboard looks like:

And this is how it looks in Google Hub:

I have very same experience!

Some dashboards works as they used to, some are lacking information, and some dashboards are shown “totally empty”.

And this is with Google Nest Hub.

It is now not a big deal for me but I hope it will be fixed …

Same experience here. Some custom cards are not shown in the cast…

Core update yesterday fixed my problem.

I also had problems earlier that was fixed by an update but now suddenly buttons are not showing upp an cards when using the cast integration. Everything else works.

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Yes, I have the same problem. All Grid Cards disappeared from Nest Hub2 after the last update. They show all right in browser and in mobile. I could not find any explanation or solution to this.

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Yea same issue. Since yesterday. Running 2023.4.2.

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Suddenly, the Grid Cards came back. I did nothing. They were three days away. This must be a Google automatic update of something.

Or your cast’s cache was cleared?

Interesting. Is it possible to clear the cache manually?

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but will home assistant be implementing matter casting?
This would finally enable us to cast to Amazon devices.

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Have this problem for years now.
I use cloudflare.
I can access HA from outside i can cast text to speech when outside,…

But never been able to cast my lovelace view.
The demo works.