Home Assistant Community Add-on: Grocy

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:tada: Release v0.3.1

Full Changelog

This is a maintenance release.

:hammer: Changes

  • :sparkles: Adds icon to show in the sidebar (#28) (@tjorim)
  • :books: Removes references to iframe due to Ingress (#32) (@sinclairpaul)
  • :ambulance: Changes Currency to ISO4217 Format (#34) (@sinclairpaul)
  • :arrow_up: Upgrades Grocy to v2.4.4

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Can this be installed on Hassbian? I used the HACS community store but not sure what I should use as the url for the api. I downloaded grocy on my windows machne and created an api key there and tried to use it for HA. I see these errors:

OrderedDict([(‘enabled’, True), (‘name’, ‘grocy’)])

Could not update data - HTTPConnectionPool(host=‘localhost’, port=xxxx): Max retries exceeded with url: /api/stock (Caused by NewConnectionError(’<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x7f74b1e23438>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused’))

The addon cant be installed on anything other than hassio,. But, as you already did, you can just install it manually. What you downloaded with HACS is the custom component, and that is what is giving you the connection error.

Ok but I guess I’m a little confused then. It sounds like I did the right thing installing from the HACS store? What else do I need to do to get it working then?

Or should I not have done this and I need to install grocy in its own docker container and just use a weblink or I frame entry to access through home assistant?

Thanks for the help

You have installed the actual Grocy software somewhere, right? Since you said you created an api key I am going to assume so. Are you sure the url and api-key in your configuration is correct? Is this host=‘localhost’, port=xxxx redacted on your part for the benefit of this post?

Also, the first “error” OrderedDict([(‘enabled’, True), (‘name’, ‘grocy’)]) can be disregarded.

Well I have Home Assistant installed on a Synology NAS through docker and I access it through a duckdns domain. I then installed grocy on a windows machine so I could get an api key. I assume this was the mistake? I figured installing the custom component would install everything I need. So I guess my question is do I need to install grocy on the Synology NAS or can I just access the windows machine I installed it on if I get the url correct? I redacted the port from the error message. On the windows install it says the URL is something like http://localhost:62145. I should use that as the URL?

If your windows machine is running 24/7 that is alright. Localhost is only available on the same machine (so if you use localhost in hass you are referring to your nas), try with the windows machines ip-address instead. You can try the url on your phone for example, first, and see that you can access it.
The custom component is only the interface between Grocy and Hass, so the actual software needs to run somewhere too.

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Got it. Thanks for the help.

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Hhmm. I can’t access grocy through the ip address of the windows machine. Any ideas? It says err connection refused. Do I have to open up the port?

Great addon, but does anyone else get a browser error when trying to add a product? I can then find the product, but when trying to add it to the inventory, it won’t budge, green button remains slightly greyed out even with all the fields filled in :frowning:

Ended up opening this, it seems to be a currency issue: https://github.com/hassio-addons/addon-grocy/issues/35

Not sure if it’s an addon problem or a Grocy problem, as in the Windows version of Grocy I can’t find any area in which to change USD to some other currency.

Yeah, you probably need to open it up somehow, not sure how. Maybe it would be easier if you could install it on the same machine as hass is running.
Just to make sure, you included the port as well when trying to reach it? like http://ip-address-of-pc:port

I’ve been trying to get grocy running in docker on my synology diskstation but I can’t figure it out. I have HA running in docker there as well. Does anyone have instructions on how to get grocy running on a Synology NAS in docker? I posted as issue over on the grocy github but no response yet.

is there a way to use this data in home assistant to allow me to send a notification when a chore needs done?

It has an API, but someone would have to write a plugin for it…I’d also be interested in smthn like this, but perhaps with the groceries.

It would also be great if it could somehow integrate with Google Shopping List or Todoist, as they can be queried via Google Home to add items to the shopping list.

when adding this to the lovelace-ui do you use module or js as the type?

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Js! Have released some new versions too since I wrote this. Ideas for future functionality is appreciated.

Interesting! So I just put the contents of https://github.com/custom-components/grocy/tree/develop/custom_components/grocy in custom_components/grocy and it will work? I assume it’s not affected by HA’s custom component migration and it works as-is in the new versions, right?

Will install it asap, are you the developer? If I can contribute documentation to it, should I do it via pull requests?

If you are using HACS it is available from there. I am not the developer of the custom component, just the card for chores. I’m sure a pr for docs will be great.