Home Assistant Community Add-on: InfluxDB

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This addon is great but now I’m hooked, and would like to incorporate my whole network in grafana, I’ve read that the easiest way is to use collectd but to use that I have to enable it in influxdb config. Is there any way to do that?

That is a pretty cool idea! I could use that myself as well!
Would you be so kind to create an issue on GitHub?

Okay, I opened an issue! :slight_smile:

Hi guys
Is there away to tell how long lights were on for?

Thanks! m8, I will take a look at it as soon as possible.

I’ve added the addon but for host should I be using the below or should i use my actual IP? I can connect but using the below under host list its empty.

host: a0d7b954-influxdb

@frenck looks like there is an issue with my config file. I’m getting invalid config for the influxdb component. Below is the issue.

Database host is not accessible due to '403: {"error":"error authorizing query: homeassistant not authorized to execute statement 'SHOW SERIES LIMIT 1', requires READ on homeassistant"}
', please check your entries in the configuration file (host, port, etc.) and verify that the database exists and is READ/WRITE

Did you give the user you’ve created permissions? And be sure to hit the small Apply button if you do.

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@frenck I deleted and added a new user with all permissions. However, i’m still getting an invalid config error in HA when restarting. I’ve attached my config along with the error messages.

Setup failed for influxdb: Component failed to initialize.
Database host is not accessible due to 'HTTPSConnectionPool(host='a0d7b954-influxdb', port=8086): Max retries exceeded with url: /query?q=SHOW+SERIES+LIMIT+1%3B&db=homeassistant (Caused by SSLError(SSLError(1, '[SSL: WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER] wrong version number (_ssl.c:777)'),))', please check your entries in the configuration file (host, port, etc.) and verify that the database exists and is READ/WRITE

      host: a0d7b954-influxdb
      port: 8086
      database: homeassistant
      username: homeassistant
      password: REDACTED
      ssl: true
      verify_ssl: true
      max_retries: 3
      default_measurement: state

This is an internal docker network connection, disable ssl by removing the 2 ssl options.

I have Hassio installed in manual method, and needed to set configuration.yaml like this to work:

Removed by Frenck

@g0g0 That is not a valid config for Hassio. Please stop going offtopic. Second time I have to ask.

These kind of mixed signals is confusing users. Running manually is not supported and out of scope. Feel free to open a new topic if you have additional support questions or other things.


PS:I hope you username password is not actually empty.

@Maaniac An actual correct configuration can be found in the add-on documentation of the add-on.

@frenck yes finally got it to work. Thanks for all your help.

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Nice! Thank you for letting me know :smiley:

migrating grafana , is easy, just save the dashboards , and then import .
but migrating influxdb , in order to avoid loosing historical data , is still unclear , any tip on this would be helpful

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Hi can someone please help me.

I was hoping this would replace my logbook (well to be honest it’s not working and I don’t know why), yet I’m unable to see when automations have been triggered or script ect.

This seem to only useful for sensors, or am I missing something?

I realized it was a bad idea of mine to disable “logbook” and “history” completely. First of all, when you click on any item in home assistant, there is no previous status or state. Second, I noticed a couple of issues with automations not working properly (i.e. Telegram commands take longer to respond and the response is always duplicated). I don’t know exactly why but my guess is there are some dependencies on the history of previous states to know if/when something fired or not. Some sample errors I found in log look like this: “Error doing job: Future exception was never retrieved”

^^ @frenck

I am also being bitten bij the dashbboard persistece issue. Can I provide any data to help you find the cause?

Sorry if I missed this, but is it accessible via ODBC?